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THIEN eDrives GmbH

Ms. Jutta Kinder | jutta.kinder@thien-edrives.com
Website |  http://www.thien-edrives.com/en/

TeD is a specialist for customer specific electric drive solutions located in Austria and with approx. 60 employees and € 12 M revenue, we develop and produce three-phase machines, inverters and the corresponding software.

In addition to developing customer-specific system solutions, we also offer standard products with the highest energy efficiency that already meet the requirements for the efficiency classes of tomorrow – up to IE6. Our products are used in a wide variety of application areas. In the field of mobile applications for electric bicycles, fun electric vehicles as well as, for auxiliary units, traction drives and from the automotive and commercial vehicle environment. In the area of industrial applications TeD delivers drives for compressors, pumps and agricultural applications.

Our knowledge is combined with many years of experience and standardized processes. This guarantees the highest standards of engineering and product quality.

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