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Mr. Jorma Hiie | Jorma.Hiie@mb.ee
Website | https://auve.tech

Auve Tech is a company that grew out from a student project with an aim to create a prototype of an autonomous last-mile vehicle. The company, founded and based in Estonia has now proceeded on its own in order to further develop and commercialise this solution. Auve Tech specialises in the development and manufacturing of autonomous vehicles. Developing lightweight and compact SAE Level-4 autonomous shuttles Auve Tech is offering a full-scope service that entails the autonomous vehicles, their integration to various environments and fleet management.

Auve Tech’s self-driving shuttles are offering alternative means of transport in closed areas and mixed traffic environments that are safe, smart and sustainable. The entire development, production and implementation is done in-house, keeping the whole solution as flexible as possible, adapting the product and service to different customer needs.

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