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energy efficiency

REFLECTIVE L-class vehicle will benefit from an innovative lightweight composite frame and body, combined with an advanced powertrain that will provide a solution that is energy efficient and low power consuming.


Primary aim of the project is to design a 4 or 5 Euro NCAP L-class vehicle competitive with M-class safety standards but optimised for urban use in terms of power and mileage. Additionally, ADAS features will improve the perception and the safety level of the L7 (and M1/A) developed platform.

Modular Powertrain
for scalability

The powertrain design will be intrinsically modular and scalable from L7 to M1/A class. Modularity of the powertrain will enable its broader utilisation and exploiting the economy of scale, with apparent benefits not only as reduced energy consumption but as material consumption and costs savings, too.

comfort and driving pleasure

Driving pleasure will be guaranteed by specifically engineered suspensions. Reconfigurable interiors, autonomous driving features, and the integration of car networking with data from traffic flow will make the solution appealing for a wide range of users including privates and professionals. Moreover, charging strategies have been deeply analysed.

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