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AVL Software and Functions GmbH

Mr. Robert Ducellari | robert.ducellari@avl.com
Website | www.avl-functions.com

AVL List GmbH is the world’s largest independent company for the development, simulation and testing of all types of powertrain systems, their integration into the vehicle and is increasingly taking on new tasks in the field of assisted and autonomous driving as well as data intelligence. It provides industry-leading technologies and services based on the highest quality and innovation standards to help customers reduce complexity and add value. ​​​​​​​ In July 2008 AVL Software and Functions GmbH (AVL SFR) in Regensburg was founded. Currently, the company consists of around 600 Engineers located in seven different locations. AVL SFR is the global competence center for E-Drive and Software Development inside the AVL group.

AVL SFR develops highly innovative systems and components of the electric powertrain which include electric motors, power electronics (inverter and DCDC converter), electric axles and corresponding control hardware and software for electric mobility. In addition, safety monitoring concepts for new vehicle platforms are being developed and AVL has expertise in improving the interface between the vehicle’s energy management function and the network via wireless communication.

These activities are possible thanks to many years of experience as a pioneer in the development of innovative technologies in electrification and the involvement in projects from concept to serial development.

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